“The transformative power of youth athletic programs is celebrated in the latest installment of DICK’S Sporting Goods ‘Sports Change Lives’ campaign. Directed by the Hudson Dusters of Greenpoint Pictures, the short film charts the inspirational story of Coach Donta Green and the Westinghouse Academy Bulldogs, the first recipients of The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation’s 75for75 Sports Matter Grant Program.”

“Inspirational and heart warming, the film praises triumph over adversity and each person’s power to make a positive difference in the world… Last year, Coach Donta led the Bulldogs in an astonishing run to the State Championship after an undefeated season. Aware of the hardship players face in the community, the Coach and his staff provide belief, support, mental toughness, and structure to their lives. Beyond just a team, Coach Donta is building a family and a path of opportunity for the underserved youth of Homewood.” Read more at LBB.