Our Story

In our early days as filmmaking renegades, our scrappy yet humble ethos followed a passion for storytelling. To this day, even as our roster of directorial talent has grown magnificently; the abiding rule is that every story be told with heart. We have always taken pride in filming real people and staying true to their stories, always representing them in an authentic and intimate way.

Our Mission

Pioneers in spirit, filmmakers by trade and storytellers at heart, we see possibility where others fail to notice. Our tireless work ethic means that, big or small, we approach each and every job as an adventure waiting to unfold. At Greenpoint Pictures, you don't just get a great director, you get an amazing, full-service production staff from day one. When you work with us, you're home.



From ideation to script writing, treatment development or storyboarding, we can work with you from day 1.


The full range of production services. On-time, on-budget and always buttoned up.


Our in-house post facility can deliver a perfectly packaged final product from first cut to final audio mix.